Projects 2020! 

Literacy Project


The Gainsborough Literacy Project has been running since 2013. It was developed to:

  • Address a lack of provision for the production of local high-quality new writing work

  • Encourage higher rates of participation in arts activities

  • Investigate alternative and creative ways to tackle low levels of literacy amongst Gainsborough residents through the production of theatre

  • Support NEET young people to develop confidence and new skills 


We have worked with over 300 literacy learners, (aged 15 to 18-year-olds) to co-produce ten new plays which have been performed at The Trinity Arts Centre in Gainsborough.


Each year during the project, participants attend the theatre, write short stories, undertake research and develop characters. They also learn about play structures and forms of theatre, learn how to write and approach dialogue, how to edit scripts and the use of conflict and objectives to drive drama.

Once the scripts begin to take shape, the young people take a key role in bringing their productions to the stage by casting their plays, creating marketing materials, working with the production designer to create and build the set, and attending rehearsals to give feedback to the company of professional actors.

As part of this programme I teach sessions on CV writing, interview skills, marketing and design and Arts Award. I also provide mentoring and work experience on the role of a producer, project and event management. 

Due to Covid19, the programme in 2020 will now be a radio play. 

our place.jpg
REConnecting Lincolnshire 
Our Place

I have been working with the Diocese of Lincoln Board of Education, cultural solutions UK and Shooting Fish, to deliver REConnecting Lincolnshire since 2016. The project was initiated after a number of schools across the region began to find the delivery of RE, especially in regard to the teaching of Islam increasingly challenging.

A programme of creative learning with theatre at its core was developed, through this work we aim for young people, parents/carers and school staff to:

  • Develop a deepened understanding of the effects of cultural, racial and religious prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination. 

  • Develop a deepened understanding of a variety of cultures and faiths and how a greater understanding, influences individual and social identities, leading to increased empathy and respect for Britain’s diverse citizens.

  • Develop creative skills in visual arts, performance and digital media with the support of professional artists. 

  • Improve community collaboration through new partnerships, enabling positive community change and the development of good practice. 

To date, we have worked with 12 schools, written 2 new plays, delivered over 100 creative workshops and held 15 public performances. In 2021 the Reconnecting Lincolnshire project will work with 4 new schools in Boston and engage with over 3000 pupils, through the Schools Cathedral Festival during which we will perform ‘Our Place’.

Due to Covid19 this programme will now be a radio play and education pack. 

Looked After Children Programme

Working in collaboration with Paradigm Arts we programme cultural activity for the 6 children’s homes in Lincolnshire. Workshops are programmed all year round and include:

  • Visual arts

  • Music

  • Performing arts

  • Craft

  • CPD

We respond to the needs of each home, programming a bespoke offer which also includes a series of go-see opportunities for young people.

This contract is funded by Lincolnshire County Council. 

Future of the Past

Future of the Past is a project working with 13 partners across Lincolnshire with aim of creatively engaging young people with heritage.

The programme is working with seven heritage sites across Lincolnshire to look at how they can make their collections and stories relevant to 11-25 year olds.

I am working in Gainsborough with the Police museum to bring stories of the past alive and relevant for future generations through new writing and performance.

I am a Director of Curious Creations (CC) street theatre company. CC has evolved through a passion to develop new creative work which blends technology, theatre and creativity to offer the public new theatrical experiences.

Our ethos is to inspire and provide spectacle but also to breathe life into stories old and new, educate and activate curiosity.

We perform a variety of shows all over the country at festivals, events, shopping centres and country shows. 

In 2020 we are developing a new schools performance and associated workshop and education pack for KS1.